Dennis reflective essay This essay is dedicated to my future self. No matter how far I have come by now, how much I have gained since completing my Master and if I am holding my PhD title and running my own company. I will always look back on the lessons, I have learned and the weiterlesen

TED Talks. The business TikTok and professional pandemic boredom killer

It’s corona time. Locked down and nothing to do, TikTok and Youtube received a hype like never seen before. Even I was pulled into the swamp of laziness and I found myself spending hours in front of my phone, watching puppies and dancing cats. In the beginning I got up at 7 am, motivated and„TED Talks. The business TikTok and professional pandemic boredom killer“ weiterlesen

Final Day: Dragons Den Part 2

Interest aroused in the last blog post? Read the first part here again. After we finished our preparations, the moment of the final presentation came closer and closer. We practiced together with another group and helped each other to improve stress-related mistakes. After months of working on the project, it was not easy to cut„Final Day: Dragons Den Part 2“ weiterlesen

How do you like your turtle, a Design Question

Have you ever had a five-hour conversation about designing a turtle? If so, welcome to the club.I’ve probably never talked about such small details in my life and that’s probably not just because I’m a man and tend to make rational decisions. The reason for this conversation was a comment from one of our mentors:„How do you like your turtle, a Design Question“ weiterlesen

Preparations for the final Dragons Den

After almost 6 months of preparations the final day got closer. Dragons Den and judging time. The tension among the teams became stronger and it was visible that each team was extremely motivated and hard working. Team work was key to success now. With strong pressure coming from other exam due days, we had to„Preparations for the final Dragons Den“ weiterlesen

Science Fiction the new way of Strategic foresight

Past – Now, but where’s the Future? We live in a fast evolving society and it seems like it has never been more difficult to come up with a new idea which hasn’t been invented so far. We optimize existing products and try to go with the flow. We use our knowledge of the past„Science Fiction the new way of Strategic foresight“ weiterlesen

Dragons Den, a new business idea within two days.

This week we had to present our start-up pitches in front of a jury of specialists, called the Dragon’s Den. It was not only our first time to present our pitch to strangers, we also changed our business idea a few days before the presentation and felt very uncomfortable to deliver a professional pitch. However,„Dragons Den, a new business idea within two days.“ weiterlesen

The power of a team how to successfully launch a start-up

„If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.“ –Henry Ford No doubt, we all know group works from back in the school. The one lazy guy who always promises to get his work done and then the rest who tries to keep up with the tasks. Certainly, you remember these days and„The power of a team how to successfully launch a start-up“ weiterlesen

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