TED Talks. The business TikTok and professional pandemic boredom killer

It’s corona time. Locked down and nothing to do, TikTok and Youtube received a hype like never seen before. Even I was pulled into the swamp of laziness and I found myself spending hours in front of my phone, watching puppies and dancing cats. In the beginning I got up at 7 am, motivated and full of energy but as the lock down went on, my sleeping habits changed. Going to bed at 2 am became my new passion and sleeping until 10 am was my daily standard. Laziness spread in all parts of my body. The gym was closed and online workouts couldn’t really satisfy my need.

Somehow I had to escape this downwards spiral. But how? The coziness of my bed seemed to be too powerful and apart from breakfast and some home office tasks I couldn’t really name any other things to do. After the fifth time walking with my dog in a quarter of a day, a flash of inspiration struck me. We used to watch TED talks in the last 5 min of class and I remembered that some of them really aspired me to dive deeper into subjects like behavioral psychology and future leadership.

Knowing myself and that I get quickly bored, I skeptically switched the platforms from social entertainment to something with more content, TED business talks. The first business talks really raised my interest and I started watching even more business talks. Writing down small notes for each of them on my phone and summarizing them to get the crucial message out of the ones that interested me the most, helped me to preserve the provided information. On the other hand, I started to become more motivated again. I got out of the downwards spiral.

Although, this seems irrelevant to my learning outcomes from my studies in the first place. It is stronger related to my educational endurance than I expected it. I often found myself in the middle of an assignment not knowing what to write and how to move on and then relied on the good old habits of watching TV, playing Playstation etc. in other words procrastination 2.0. The same happened to us as a team right in the beginning of our business idea. We lost track and got stuck being unproductive and lazy. It was hard to get out of this situation and find the right motivation to move on. But the little extra effort always pays off and It taught me a very important life lesson. Life is not always easy and there are many ways to become successful. But you have to try and repeat to reach it. It won’t come automatically from itself. Sometimes you will get stuck and you will find yourself demotivated and eventually you are about to give up. But always get up and try to find a solution.

I can really suggest you this book if you feel stuck or if you need a different view on your current life situation or if you have a spare minute and don’t know what to do. It sums up how to live a positive lifestyle and how to prioritize yourself and your ambitions. Further, it motivates you to take action and how do deal with pain and failures.

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MSc Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship student based in London. Passionate about start ups

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