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Science-Museum London

Introduction of myself

Hi I’m Dennis the author of this entrepreneurial blog. Before I start, I just wanted you to be aware of my way of blogging. You won’t find a lot of personal information about me in the upcoming posts. This blog is dedicated to help you to become an entrepreneur. Thus, I don’t want to talk about me here. Nor am I interested in selling you a product or seeing me as your mentor. This is rather going to be a story of a MSc Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship student who’s eager to share his well selected experiences with you. Thereby, you will find some of my most interesting stories posted in this blog. If I say most interesting, it doesn’t mean that you should exactly do what I will be writing about. It should rather give you an outlook of the world of design thinking and I’ll explain to you in simple words how you can easily boost your entrepreneurial mindset. 

Trip to the Science Museum 

You may ask yourself how to come up with bright ideas for your start up. It is often easier than you think. Just get out of your chair and discover the world around you. London offers more than 170 museums and each of them is worth a visit. You will find brilliant exhibitions of pretty much any topic you are interested in. You will meet people who have similar interests and it is a great way to get a first idea of how an industry could look like.

We went to the Science Museum in London to visit the exhibition about driverless driving. A perfect place to discover what is going on in the science world. From what I have seen, I can tell you, artificial intelligence will have a huge impact on us in the upcoming years. Just to mention a few names you should be familiar with, which invest heavily in AI: Amit Singhal, Uber; Andrew Ng, Baidu; Elon Musk, SpaceX & Tesla; Jeff Dean, Google and all of them see great potential in artificial intelligence.

Maybe a smart car park which communicates via AI with the car and sends information about parking duration and the needs of the costumer to advice the closest parking spot of the desired shop of the costumer?

A trip to a museum wasn’t necessarily my first thought of a place where I could come up with bright ideas. But the experience taught me better. The entire exhibition helped me to gain a first grasp of what AI is and how it will be capable of changing our lives. Further, I enjoyed the practical experience of the exhibition. It gave me a clear understanding of how AI will have an impact on our daily life in the future.

Now you still might wonder how on earth is a trip to a museum going to help you with your startup! Clear evidence why a trip to the museum enhances your abilities can be found in several studies.

Museums increase your wellbeing

If you are feeling overwhelmed by a stressfull situation such as coming up with a startup idea, or working on the next assignment, try to take a break. Take a breather at a local museum. It is not only a simpe way to relieve stress, according to a University College London study it is shown that cultural places like museums reduce social isolation, teach new skills, provide positive distraction and foster your sense of community. All of this will help you to balance your mind.

Further, visiting a museum inspires creativity. As the following movie explains to us, if you feel stuck in a creative rut, a trip to a museum can help you to get out of that tunnel.

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MSc Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship student based in London. Passionate about start ups

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